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Iridescent Winds

Iridescent Winds


wind symphony + SATBB choir
duration: approx. 13'30"
Grade: 5
Premier: n/a
Recording: midi demo

Score: $20
Replacement parts: $2*
Full Set (score + parts): $125

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Program Notes

Wind: air in natural motion, as that moving horizontally at any velocity along the earth's surface.

There is a constant current or wind that travels around the world capturing all of the colors of the naturally made landscapes of our planet. Mountains, forests, deserts, oceans, and prairies are just a few of these. Currents also travel underwater to the depths of the ocean floor and around some of the most brilliant coral reefs and underwater landscapes as well. Iridescent Winds carries both the listener and musicians on a journey throughout these prestigious naturally made landscapes of the world, portraying the many colors of our beautiful planet.

Using both the powerful and warm sounds of the Wind Symphony, and combining them with the lustrous and unique colors of the human voice, the piece goes through six sections each musically describing a different part of planet earth. The piece begins with the creation of earth, and within the first two measures the main melody is heard. This melody repeats through different variations throughout each section, signifying the planet as a whole.

The journey begins shortly after by flying up over top of beautiful snow capped mountains all around with the blue sky hanging above, after flying in and out of the mountains you then descend into the gorgeous crystal blue ocean, where the sounds of lustrous coral reefs and fish are heard swimming all around you. As you make your ascent, you find yourself in the middle of a brilliant forest with voluminous trees, animals, sounds of nature and much more. As you come to the edge of the forest, a beautiful out-stretched valley emerges spanning over miles of green hills, small bushes, and a river concluded by the mountains where the musical adventure began.

After taking you on a journey through the world, the piece finally concludes by combining all of the themes, including the main theme, in warm Eb major using a 3/4 time signature signifying earth as a whole. The earth naturally has a 3/4 pulse, and I chose to use this element in the end as well.

Everything in the piece is connected in some way, either through the main simple melody, the bass line, or how the keys progress to one another. Wind, like music, connects everything around us.


Not a heart-beat heard,
Yet life emerges through the ground.
Reaching, reaching;

Mountains, oceans, valleys, forests,
All under one sun.

Each flower and grain of sand,
Appreciates the beauty of this land.
Winds bend trees and rock the shores,
Elegance and beauty reign forever more.

In this world of peace,
It's roamed by creatures in land, seas, and trees.

Brilliant is this land,
That stretches far and wide.
It's known as mother earth,
She lays furnished with such beauty.

Listen, listen,
It has tales of long ago we must listen to,
In this land is peace.

In this land is nature's gem and jewel,
Yet life and death keep flowing through;

Mountain and soft spring,
Blue water is flowing;
Sunshine is gleaming as flowers bloom and life lives on,
Casting iridescent winds to all.

Listen to the iridescent winds
Oceans, valleys, mountains, forests,
All under one sun,
Connected with sunshine gleaming, water flowing;
Through this life lives on.

-Kelsey Hoyt/C. Lexow (b.1991)/(b.1987)