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The Early Works

Ambis Music - The Early Works CD

Album Details

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# Title Time Recording
1 October Love 4'55" Christopher Lexow (piano)
2 December 4'26" April Lee (soprano), Anthony Edwards (piano)
3 May's Blooming 3'47" Nicole Tselekis (flute), Anthony Edwards (piano)
4 Dishes 1'52" EIU Choral Members
5 Memorie Dolorse 1'54" Bernard Borah, Anna Stipe, Sarah Tucker (bassoons)
6 A Night Beneath the Stars - Marimba Choir 4'33" EIU Percussion Ensemble
7 A Night Beneath the Stars - String Ensemble 4'06" midi demo
8 The Escape 8'03" EIU Percussion Ensemble
9 *Iridescent Winds
(bonus midi-demo)
12'57" midi demo
10 *Jam Session
(bonus electronic composition)
3'05" Electronic Composition

Additional Details

  • This Album is available in both physical and digital formats.
  • Digital downloads are available as a single/multiple tracks, OR as the entire album.
  • Digital downloads are currently available on Itunes, Google Play, and Amazon MP3.
  • Digital downloads are also available through CdBaby, Facebook, MySpace Music, and will be made availabe through other mediums such as Rhapsody, Spotify, and more within the next few months.
  • The physical copy will include a detailed booklet containing the included work's images, program notes, and text.
  • The album contains two bonus tracks that are only available if you purchase the entire album.