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concert band
duration: approx. 2'
Grade: 2
Premier: n/a
Recording: midi demo

Score: $15
Replacement part: $2*
Full Set: $50

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Program Notes

Capsized is a musical piece about a very clumsy pirate who has a problem with every ship he steals...they sink. Every time he obtains a new vessel, he manages to find a way to bring water aboard and watch it make its way to the ocean's floor. During his journey, he finds a lady friend, and as he tries to sweet talk her (she obviously doesn't feel the same way), he finds out the hard way that his ships aren't the only thing that sink. Forced to find another ship, he reverts back to his old pirate ways, by singing the well known song, "Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!"

The music makes use of on and off beats, and is layered in multiple instruments to help young musicians listen to each other and play with confidence. The simple melody is upbeat and easy to remember, and the piece also features other musical quotes that young musicans will enjoy!