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wind symphony
duration: approx. 6'30"
Grade: 5
Premier: n/a
Recording: midi demo

Score: $20
Replacement part: $2*
Full Set (score + parts): $100

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Program Notes

In October of 2010, I was walking through EIU's campus on my way back to my house when I decided it was time to start a new piece of music. I had been pondering this for weeks after finishing Iridescent Winds and couldn't decide what I wanted to begin working on. As I walked home and kicked the autumn-colored leaves around my thoughts somehow made it to John Mackey. Then I started thinking, what would John do? It had been a while since I had written just a wind band piece, so that was the answer to one question. My next question was, about what? John had recently been posting on his site about the latest renovations in his old Austin home. One of their bathrooms was the last room in their house that was to be renovated. Bingo! I practically ran the rest of the way home, sent John an email, and began working on the piece immediately. John seemed very enthusiastic to hear what I came up with.

Demolition, simply stated, is the destruction of John Mackey's bathroom. From loosening screws and pounding out boards, to water spraying everywhere and knocking down a wall, Demolition takes the listeners and musicians on a chaotic musical journey of destruction. The repair man is called in, takes out his screw driver and begins to loosen the hinges on the door. After working hard taking things off the wall, it's time for a quick lunch break. From here on out its mass destruction until the wall is brought down. Once the job is finished he walks out, dropping the last screw on the floor.