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SATB chorus
duration: approx. 2'
Grade: 3
Premier: November 30th, 2010
Recording: EIU Vocal Students

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Program Notes

I may be wrong, but with my experience in life so far, I've found that absolutely no one that I know enjoys doing dishes. I myself share that same dislike. In the fall of 2010, I shared a house with three other people. One day, I had come home to a sink completely full of dishes (that were not mine), a dishwasher that was empty, and an odor that reminded me of cottage cheese that is 3 months past its expiration. Needless to say, I couldn't leave the kitchen in this shape so I gave in.

While I was cleaning, rather than bickering to myself, text started to form in my head. Then it dawned on me; how funny would it be to write a piece about doing the dishes? I could write about my experience, (and don't worry ladies, I kept it gender neutral for my own personal safety), that would surely turn out to be a funny story. It would be comical to both perform and listen to, yet I could still write something that would present a challenge, which is always my goal. And thus, Dishes was born, and I immediately began working on text.

Once the text was finished, my goal was to match the comic aspects of the text in a musical way as well. Between chromatic lines and key jumps, it is both challenging and fun for all types of acapella choirs and audiences.


Dishes, Dishes, look at all the dirty dishes,
Why does no one feel the need to do their own dishes?
This is getting out of hand, I can't find one clean pan,
Just take a look at all these Dishes, Dishes.

In this house, there's room for four,
Why do I always get stuck with the chores?
Dusting and sweeping and mopping the floors,
But I hate doing dirty dishes and there's dishes galore!

Dishes, Dishes, look at all the dirty dishes,
This has got to be a joke, none of these are mine,
they're siting in the sink, growing mold and lime,
I should not do them but I don't want to get sick,
They've got to get washed soon or else their gonna stick!

So one by one, the dishes get done.
My hands are all prunny but the dish soap has won.
The sink is all clean, there's no mold, lime, or grease,
No more dirty dishes to crowd up both sides of the sink.

So what will I do when the dishes come again,
I won't do them this time no it's your turn my friend,
but you won't do them will you, not even rinse them at most?
So don't do the dirty dishes, no don't bother don't!

-C. Lexow (b. 1987)