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Man of Steel

Man of Steel - An Alternate Score


Film Orchestra - Choir
duration: approx. 15'35"
Grade: 5
Premier: n/a
Recording: midi demo

Not available for purchase. Reference only.

Program Notes

During my last semester of my undergrad, my composition professor, Dr. Brad Decker, advised me to write a substantially large work as a 'final' project. My love for film scores was at an all-time high during this point. Inspired by some of the greatest film composers: Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Alexandre Desplat, James Horner, Thomas Newman, Danny Elfman, John Powell - just to name a few, I decided to get to work on a film score that would contain several movements. Knowing that there was a new, darker Superman movie coming out, and also knowing that Hans Zimmer had landed the scoring privileges (big surprise there), I decided to create several scenes and write music to them. Below are short explanations of each movement along with this corresponding track. All 5 movements (4 tracks) are available for free download from my profile on SoundCloud.com or by clicking 'Download' on each of the tracks below.

Mvt. 1, "Opening" - Superman is in exile. After over 3 years of staying as far away from Earth as possible, he soon realizes that his heart aches for 'home'. It's time for him to return to what has recently named: "The most corrupt city in the nation" since Superman's departure.

Mvt. 2, "Lex's Awakening" - It's been 3 years since Lex was thrown into a deep coma fighting to find the mysterious truth behind Clark Kent. Lex awakens knowing the truth and seeks revenge.

Mvt. 3, "Clark and Lois" - After Superman's long exile and no promise of a future return, Lois Lane realizes that although her heart aches for Clark Kent, she must move on. Upon Clark's return to Metropolis, he finds that Lois has a new love in her life as he secretly pines after her.

Mvt. 4, "Battle" - It doesn't take long for conflict to stir between Clark and Lex. Of course Lex's idea of revenge involves destroying Clark Kent and anything that gets in his way. With new weapons technology, and a better understanding of Superman's weakness, Lex tears up Metropolis in order to draw Superman out. Will Superman go against his morals and finally stop Lex once and for all?

Mvt. 5 "Ending" - The battle has ended and Metropolis seems safe; for now.....