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May's Blooming

May's Blooming


flute + piano
duration: approx. 4'45"
Grade: 4 (advanced)
Premier: November 11th, 2012
Recording: Nicole Tselikis (flute), Anthony Edwards (piano)

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Program Notes

May's Blooming, while largely based on the picture found on the cover, is a musical story of growth. In one hand, it represents the flowers of May, blooming for the first time as the sun peaks over the horizon; in the other, it represents growth, which takes place in every living object we can think of. But this concept isn't just found in physical form.

A musician's journey largely resembles the concept of growth. One person, who I befriended during college and who I've had the wonderful opportunity to watch grow into an astounding musician, is Nicole Tselikis. From her agility and tone, to her color and vibrato; Nikki has given me such a wonderful example that has allowed me to fall even more in love with the sound of the flute.

Dedicated to Ms. Nicole (Nikki) Tselikis, Flautist