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Mode 9

Mode 9


concert band
duration: approx. 2'20"
Grade: 3
Premier: n/a
Recording: midi demo

Score: $15
Replacement part: $2*
Full Set (score + parts): $50

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Program Notes

Mode 9 was written simply to be an opener. It begins with the ensemble tuning to two pitches, first, the brass to a Bb, and then the woodwinds to an A. While the woodwinds are tuning, the piece immediately takes off at a quick pace, combining a moving beat with an active bass line in A minor.

The title and key both come from 1547, when a Swiss theorist by the name of Henricus Glareanus published the Dodecachordon in which he solidified the concept of church modes, and added four additional modes to the original eight. One of the modes, mode 9, was designated as the Aeolian mode. I thought this to be a very fitting title as the piece is written entirely in the Aeolian mode.