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November Rain

November Rain


bassoon + piano
duration: approx. 4'10"
Grade: 4 (advanced)
Premier: n/a
Recording: midi

Price: $8

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Program Notes

Often times when people find themselves stressed, they turn to a source of comfort. For some, this source may be a good book or relaxing bath; others often turn to music.

November Rain is a piece of serenity taking the listener through the journey of a gentle rain cloud that moves in and slowly builds to its final release, letting go of all of its moisture and bringing a fresh breath of life to its recipients below. Based in the key of C (the key of purity to represent rain washing out stress), it provides a challenging but large range for the bassoon to explore in a lyrical setting.

This piece is dedicated to my former bassoon student, Dillan Dorjahn, who through his lessons would melt my stress away and inspire me to be a better musician. I wrote this to challenge his lyrical playing.