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solo piano
duration: approx. 4'15"
Grade: 3 (intermediate)
Premier: n/a
Recording: midi demo

Price: $8

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Program Notes

Pianotude was written back in 2006-2007 as more of a technique-based piece. The main motive is a simple, descending line heard in the right hand while the left hand is challenged with an upward, arpeggiated line that follows consistently throughout the piece. The player should use heavy sustain pedal while keeping the arpeggiated lines in the left hand as connected as possible. To challenge the player even more, add in expressive lines such as dynamic changes and rallentandos/accelerandos to add more direction to the ostinato lines.

Unlike most of my other works that have a musical story they attempt to bring to life before the listener, this piece contains a more straight-forward feel and is solely based on technique wrapped around a simple motive.