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A Night Beneath the Stars (marimba choir)

A Night Beneath the Stars (marimba choir)


marimba choir (5 players)
duration: approx. 4'30"
Grade: 3
Premier: November 11th, 2012
Recording: EIU Percussion Ensemble

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Program Notes

A Night Beneath the Stars was written during the warm months of summer, while I spent many nights taking strolls in fields, parks, and otherwise. Often times I would find a bench, rock, or just lay in the grass and star up at the stars. During one of these nights, a melody started to form in my head and I took it home immediately and expanded on it. Within 24 hours the piece was finished. My ambitions were to capture the sounds of the stars high above, and the reflections of the mind that they brought about. For this, I used the warm key of Ab, and a combination of warm chords and suspensions to bring my melody to life.

Originally written for string ensemble, this piece is composed of a simple melody enforced with warm chords that represent the serenity one feels when they clear their mind, taking not only a journey through the good memories, but possibly a tender one or two as well.