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The Cherry-Snows

The Cherry-Snows


SATB chorus
duration: approx. 3'
Grade: 4
Premier: n/a
Recording: midi demo

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Program Notes

I found this poem while searching through a public domain library of poetry during the early winter months of 2011. Needless to say, I immediately feel in love with this gentle, yet emotional piece of literature.

With text as delicate as this, I felt the best style to use was acapella. Keeping the lines in an even, yet flowing form, simulating the even-like descent of snow, the four voices build upon each other to make exquisite harmonies, exhibiting text painting, accompanied by smooth and flowing melodic lines.


The Cherry-snows are falling now;

Down from the blossom-clouded sky
Of zephyr-troubled twig and bough,
In widely settling whirls they fly.

The orchard earth, unclothed and brown,
Is wintry-hued with petals white
Even as the snow they glimmer down,
Brief as the snow's their stainless white.

-Clark Ashton Smith