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The Escape

The Escape


percussion ensemble (8 players)
duration: approx. 8'
Grade: 4
Premier: April 17th, 2012
Recording: EIU Percussion Ensemble

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Program Notes

The Escape conveys a musical representation of our dependency on technology. Over the past few decades, the human race has invented, developed, and utilized technology to the point of obsession. It's becoming a very rare occurrence to walk through a mall or a college campus, and not see the majority of people you pass exercising their phone or tablet in some way. With this image in mind, people are beginning to lose sight of the true beauty around them. As the digital age becomes more abundant, it's changing the way that we think, act, and even perceive the natural world that is beginning to crumble around us.

Using a common ringtone that represents technology, The Escape is split into six parts that elaborate on a person seeking refuge from the circuits and wires that make up his phone.

Section 1 - "Office Frustration" - As the sounds at the office begin to become overwhelming, the heart rate rises, and the realization of, "I need to get away", becomes imminent.

Section 2 - "The Scramble" - Rushing out of the office only to realize that being in the middle of a busy street isn't any more relaxing.

Section 3 - "Down the River" - Finally away from the bulk of technology, there's one more task at hand: lose signal. What a better place than a relaxing canoe trip through the forest and down the river?

Section 4 - "The Drop" - Signal is lost, no more nagging phone, just the beauty of nature; except for the steadily increasing current. Maybe going right at the fork wasn't such a great idea...

Section 5 - "Still Ticking" - Surviving through a waterfall drop nothing short of amazing, especially when your phone also shares the same fate.

Section 6 - "Euphoria" - Deciding to go all out, the last bit of technology is tossed back into the river, creating the much desired state of euphoria and allowing a new wave of appreciation for the natural beauty that is surrounding.